Home Buying
Pricing Your Home to Sell​​
POSTED: March 8, 2022

Price matters if you want to sell.

The Kevin Barrett Real Estate Group will work hard to help you get it. Here are the considerations we take into place when pricing:

​The following five questions when pricing your home:

  1. What price do you have in mind?
  2. What are the important selling points of your home?
  3. How many comparable listings are currently on the market?
  4. At what prices have comparable listings recently sold?
  5. Which comparable listings in your community not sell?

What Affects the Market Value of Your Home?

Ultimately, buyer value or market value will determine the selling value of your property, with the following things contributing to that value:

  • Physical Qualities of Your Home
  • Location
  • Age
  • Size of house and lot
  • Floor plan and architectural style
  • Market Conditions
  • Interest rates and availability of financing
  • Buyer demand
  • Prices of recently sold properties
  • State of the economy

Some Factors Have No Effect on the Current Value of Your Home

  • Original Price What you originally paid for your house
  • The cash you want or need from the sale
  • What “people” say your property is worth

What is the Best Price for Your Home?

A Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) will give you a solid foundation for the realistic pricing of your property.